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Prosenjeet new friendship between the two countries speak Hindi films Taabeer

While relations between India and Pakistan continue to remain tense, and the call for a ban on Pakistani actors working in Indian films continues, debutant director Nirang Desai’s next film discusses relations between the two countries, minus the strife.

‘Taabeer’ is the story of two Army men who find themselves interpreting the situation between the neighbours, and end up discovering themselves during this journey.


Prosenjit Chatterjee - Upcoming Movies

“It [the film] has nothing to do with war. It’s a psychological story. It could have been set between any two countries. We are trying to say that men from the military have a heart too. What do they endure, is what we are asking. There isn’t a single war sequence in the film. The word ‘taabeer’ refers to interpretation, so I am leaving it to
the audience to figure out the message,” says Nirang.

Here starring Prosenjit plays a Major in the Indian Army. Himachal Pradesh has been shooting at 14 thousand feet altitude. Bollywood is a series of pictures prasenajit. Menon Who ‘thrideba’ in the list. “Tabire” nirajai prasenajit the character of the film center.


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