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Priyanka to play four characters in Andarkahini

Priyanka Sarkar started her career successful film Chirodini Tumi Je Amar (2008) directed by Raj Chakraborty. She is married to , actor Rahul, and has shifted to a new house with her toddler Sohoj. Life, undoubtedly, isn’t easy for the Priyanka, who is busy striking a balance between her personal and professional commitments. However, the couple isn’t officially separated yet.

“I didn’t try to fit into any one format of cinema. I have never been to any film school. I have learnt on the job. I could have continued doing hardcore commercial films, but I wanted to explore myself as an actress. And I am glad I made the choice of doing different kinds of cinema,” says the actress.


Priyanka To Play Four Characters In Andarkahini

Priyanka, who is no longer part of Arindam Sil’s new film. Priyanka shares that she gets excited every time a young director comes to her with a fresh idea. “They are full of energy and I love working with young minds,” says Priyanka, whose short film Maya has been selected for screening at the upcoming Kolkata International Film Festival.

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