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Prisma fever grips Tollywood

Everybody worth her/his salt has been posting Prisma versions of their pics online. Virtually, all profile pictures on Facebook have turned into paint-versions of the actual pics. It’s a rage, and also a status symbol to show off. You see, the Prisma app, which is only available on iOS, makes it possible only for iPhone users to use the filters on their pictures. Thus, Prisma picture = I own an iPhone.

Of course, the jugaadus that we Indians are, most of us not-so-privileged ones have begged or bribed our privileged iPhone owning friends into Prisma-ing our pics and WhatsApp them to us. How can a self-respecting person not be swept off by what is going viral, right? Even our celebs are no different. We combed through social media platforms to collate all those pictures in this one page. Take a cue.



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