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Premiere Of Bengali film Colkatay Columbus at Priya Cinema

The premiere of the much awaited Bengali film Colkatay Columbus was held at Priya Cinema, the event saw the presence of the cast comprising of Mir, Tanushree Chakraborty, Gaurav Chakraborty, Anirban Bhattacharya, Suchandra Vaaniya and Ritabhari Chakraborty.


Colkatay Columbus at Priya Cinema

Mir starrer ‘Colkatay Columbus’ hits the screen on 11th November, directed by Saurav Palodhi, said, “I don’t think I could have started my journey as a director in a better way. The way I have received the support of every individual attached with this film Colkatay Columbus is incredible and it is because of the entire team that this evening has actualized.”

The film revolves around Columbus, the legendary explorer who appears in contemporary Kolkata, is a political satire, a family film, a story of friendship, a story of achievement and unfulfilled desire. A film of many layers.

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