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Prem Amar 2 (2016) Bengali Movie

Now, after a year and a half, Raj is back with a romantic tragedy,Prem Amar 2, produced by Shree Venkatesh Films. “PA2 is a romantic road movie which has a tragic ending.

There’s something special about unrequited, incomplete love. Premer jantrona te ekta moja ache. The film starts with a bus accident and shows the lives of the survivors and how their love was either destroyed or lost because of the mishap,” said Raj.


Prem Amar 2

Prem Aamar is a 2009 romantic,drama Bengali film starring Soham Chakraborty and Payal Sarkar with lead roles. The film is a remake of Tamil film 7G Rainbow Colony it is also dubbed in telugu and Oriya.

Bengali movie-goers are an emotional lot, feels the director, adding that the tragic plot will strike a chord with the audience.


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