This TV Tower In Prague Is Unnecessarily Creepy…Why Are There Babies On It?!

Love it or hate it, but the Zizkov TV Tower is now very much part of the Prague skyline, it’s a modern — but still insanely creepy — television tower….they’re large, realistic-looking sculptures of babies!

This often despised symbol of the past Communist regime is now a tourist attraction, aided by the special sculptures attached to it.


This TV Tower In Prague Is Unnecessarily Creepy...Why Are There Babies On It?!

The Žižkov Television Tower built in Prague between 1985 and 1992. These terrifying sculptures were created as a temporary installation by Czech artist David Černý in 2000.

it stands high above the city’s traditional skyline from its position on top of a hill in the district of Žižkov, from which it takes its name. The tower is an example of high-tech architecture. VIA – wikipedia.

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