Seattle Police Kill Dog After it Attacks Woman and Her Dog

A Seattle Police officer shot and killed an off-leash dog after it attacked a 40-year-old woman was walking her leashed a female dog in the 7900 block of Renton Ave S early this evening, when an unleashed dog attacked, biting her and her dog. The owner of the aggressive dog tried to help and was also attacked.


Police Kill Dog

Seattle Police Department Force Investigation Team (FIT) detectives are on scene and investigating. Old-woman was walking her leashed dog when a second dog ran up and attacked her and her dog, biting and seriously injuring them both.

Two officers arrived within moments and one officer shot and killed the attacking dog. Neither officer was injured in the process.

Both of the women were injured in the attack, as was the 40-year-old’s dog. One woman was taken to Harborview Medical Center with “serious” bite injuries. The injured dog was taken to veterinary clinic to be treated and has since been sent home.



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