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People have warmed up to my straightforwardness: Gargee

Her last release, Hemanta, didn’t leave a mark with the audience, but no can write off that powerhouse of talent, Gargee Roychoudhury . We’ve grown so used to seeing her in a sari, a la Vidya Balan, that we do a double take when she walks in for the interview in an elegant short number. ” Aren’t I looking nice? I bought this dress a while back and took up the challenge of flaunting it soon. I’m on an 800-calorie diet now, and see how I look!” she says with a winning smile.

Over a cup of green tea, the actress opened up about her next, Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha’s Beche Thakar Gaan -The Song of Life, industry politics and how she is unapologetically straightforward. Excerpts:

Gargee Roychoudhury

Tell us about the film.

The film revolves around an old age home. The social system in today’s time is changing.Despite best efforts, sometimes, children cannot look after their ageing parents. So are they going to languish in their flats, lonely and waiting for the phone to ring? Or are they going to force their entry into their children’s fast lives?


Gargee Roychoudhury


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