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Does Payel have Marriage in Mind ! Read to Know More !

Tolly actress Payel Sarkar and director Abir Sengupta’s relationship is not hidden from anyone. Recently we published the news that Bengali film actress Payel Sarkar dating director Abir Sengupta and within a week the news was more confirmed to marry her boyfriend Abir  soon by the couple’s online posts.

She is dating Abir Sengupta, the director of her 2015 release, Jomer Raja Dilo Bor. The star couple, who are dating for a year now, recently, their tweets are making the media confused. Recently Abir posted his photo with Payel and tagged her saying “Elephants are dancing, horses are dancing”.


Surprisingly, the ‘Jomer Raja Dilo Bor’ actress also replied him completing the rhyme for her beau. Payel has written “It’s sonamoni’s wedding”. After posting another selfie with Payel , Abir wrote “The WE selfie again!”. This time Payel responded back writing “Not just again, it will remain forever”.


The whole Twitter discussion has added to the buzz as media speculates Payal’s wedding to happen soon.  Industry sources say THAT Payel is planning marriage with Abir.

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