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Parambrata Sings For His Bangladeshi Venture

The making of National film grant winner film “Bhubon Majhi” will be finished soon and the makers of the film have decided to add another surprise for the viewers, reports thedailystar.


Parambrata sings for Bangladeshi Venture

Indian Bengali actor and director in film Parambrata Chatterjee, who is playing the lead in ‘Bhubon Majhi’, is to sung a soundtrack for the film. This is the first time he is lending his voice for a Bangladeshi project. Titled as “Padma Nodir Nouka Bhirlo Hugli Nodir Teere”, the lyrics of this song is written by Akash Chatterjee and composed by ‘Dohar’ famed Kalika Prasad.

Sources: thedailystar

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