Heavyweight Boxer Paints With His Punches that you simply have to see to believe

Bart van Polanen Petel dips his gloves in paint before unleashing a series of haymakers, making abstract works similar to those of Jackson Pollock.

Heavyweight Bart, from Tilburg in The Netherlands, came up with his unique method a little more than a year ago, when he was experimenting with ways to use boxing as an artform outside of the ring.

His girlfriend, Nonie, an arts student, helped Bart discover the possibilities of combing painting with his boxing workout, wrapping a canvas around his punchbag.

Once he has the basic apparatus – gloves, paint, heavy bag, and a canvas – Bart said the process is rather straightforward, with each work requiring between one and three hours of energy-sapping punching.


Heavyweight Boxer Paints With His Punches

After the paint-soaked canvas has been jabbed, hooked and uppercutted, the artist then adds the finishing touches with his fingers – the boxer said that he usually just keeps on punching until he is happy with what’s in front of him.

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