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This Boiling River In Yellowstone Park Could Be A Sign Of Something Really Bad

From the North entrance to Yellowstone the Boiling River is hidden somewhere off the road there is no sign to get there unless you knew it ahead of time. We stopped at a parking lot and walked about half-mile to get there in this freezing cold winter, my fingers and toes were numb felt like I lost them all if you know what I meant.


oiling River In Yellowstone Park

What’s most disturbing is that this river has been void of all volcanic activity for more than 100 years. As you can imagine, it also smelled pretty terrible.

If you visit Yellowstone, don’t pass or skip the Boiling River with one exception if you come here in Spring when this hotspot is closed when the river rises and becomes dangerous. And Rule No. 1 NO Skinny-dipping.


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