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Official Teaser Of ‘Devi’ starring Paoli Dam

Here comes the first official teaser of ‘Devi’. Directed by Rick Basu, the film starring Paoli Dam in the lead role is a modern interpretation of classic novel ‘Devdas’ written by Saratchnadra Charttopadhyay in 1917.


Actress Paoli Dam is all set to play a female Devdas in the upcoming film Devi.

According to the director, the film deconstructs Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s classic, Devdas, and gives it a female perspective.”The genders of the main characters have been reversed and the story is based in the 21st century . Some changes have been made, as society has changed a lot and men women relationships have evolved,” Rick said.


Paoli Dam Upcoming Film Devi

Film: Devi
Starring: Paoli Dam, Shataf Figar, Shubh Mukherjee
Presenter: Pradip Churiwal

Paoli Dam starrer ‘Devi’ does the gender blender to bring a new aspect to the same storyline. “Devi asks society how it would react if a woman wasted her life over her love for a man. It also tries to unravel how the man in question would react to it. This we do by reversing the gender of Devdas”, said Rick Basu, the director of the film.

source – indiatimes