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Nusrat Jahan’s wedding plans REVEALED!

A famous Bengali film actress Nusrat Jahan. Jahan’s screen debut was in Raj Chakraborty’s Shotru, has become very popular with the advent of the first film. She appeared in the film Khoka 420 and other movies include Khiladi with Ankush, Sondhe Namar Agey and Power with Jeet.


Nusrat Jahan’s wedding plans REVEALED!


Marriage planning a dream in every ones life. After attending adulthood, everyone plans differently and have some special ideas about their marriage. Wedding, shopping, events, in addition to planning the wedding, the honeymoon is still preparing a new life, because life, as well as a foothold in a matter of days to adjust to new suit. And it is surrounded by many celebrities Planning.



Nusrat has always been open about her desire to get married at some point of time in life and the recent interview Bengali film actres says ”she will take a three months break during her marriage. She wants one month long honeymoon before returning back to her busy schedule.”

He said, I don’t want to love to see the money. It’s hard when you fall in love with the street beggar. But if it is, its ok!

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