Everyone Thought He Was Crazy… But What This Man Just Pulled Off Is Beyond Impressive

In the Netherlands, built and launched on a replica of Noah’s ark. Visit the famous ship will be able to 3 thousand people a day. Creator spent on construction of three years and more than 1 million pounds.

Noah’s Ark, according to Biblical tradition – a vessel that righteous Noah built to protect your family from the Flood. Dutch carpenter Johan Hvibers recreated the exact copy, which is now available for visits by tourists as a museum. Inside for proper effect Johan set of plastic animals.

According to Carpenter, the Ark turned out exactly as described in Genesis: 123 meters long, 23 meters high, 29 meters thick. To visitors was not too boring, the ship will be open a restaurant and two cinemas.
The idea to build this ark came to Johan in a dream in which he saw as part of his native land submerged under water. The ship can accommodate up to 1,500 people.

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