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Next Puja Won’t Have A Release From Srijit Mukherjee!

It’s been a mixed bag for Srijit Mukherji this festive season. Sad news for Srijit Mukherjee’s fans. The ‘Zulfiqar’ , the film has done roaring business at the opening, and the box office, But director won’t have a film release on next year’s puja.

Since 2010, from the time of his first feature film ‘Autograph’ (2010) which was a critical and commercial success, Srijit has been synonymous to Durga puja release.


Srijit Mukherji

However, the director has already announced his next film based on Sunil Gangopadhyay’s ‘Paharchuraye Atonko’. Said, ”I can’t shoot before May-June and it won’t be a Puja release. It will be shot in Nepal, Bhutan and the Swiss Alps.” added that ”I do. I am unwinding by taking a flight to Mumbai. Those two hours are mine. After that I am Begum Jaan’s.”

Sources: indiatimes

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