You Might Feel Bad For These Strange-Looking… But Watch The Chaos They Cause

The Chimpanzees from the Twycross zoo at Atherstone, England. Jambo and Mongo, a father and son duo are suffering from alopecia, which is the general medical term for hair loss. VIA – SloggerVlogger

Twycross Zoo said:  The behaviour shown in the film footage was what we refer to as ‘displaying’ rather than fighting – if you watch closely, there was actually very little physical contact. Chimpanzees display like this to retain their places in the social hierarchy, without actually having to physically fight an opponent – it is about intimidating the opponent with lots of noise and bluster instead.

”Jambo and Mongo, a father and son duo, have hereditary alopecia. They are both very active members of the social group, with Jambo being the alpha male.

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