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Music Launch of Thammar Boyfriend at shopping mall

Fans went crazy to see their favorite stars at City Center at the music launch event of ‘Thammar Boyfriend’ is to take place in Kund area, at City Centre 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata. All the cast members like Abir, Sabitri Chatterjee, Arunima Ghosh, Biswajit Chatterjee, Dolon Roy, Supriya Dutta, Sudipta Basu and others were present during event. The movie is directed by Anindya Ghosh.

The music composers for the movie are Dolon and Mainak. Live music from the movie was presented by singers at the event.

Thammar Boyfriend is a Bengali Feature Film (Comedy-Drama) starring Sabitri Chatterjee and Abir Chatterjee in the lead will be present at the event, Thammar Boyfriend, has roped in veteran actress Sabitri Chatterjee, played  Nandini Mitra is a widow of zaminder of Davimangalpur and Abir ‘Bomkesh’ Chatterjee to play Partha, is the man Nandini wishes to marry.









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