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Miss Honeybee here with the latest gossips

Let’s begin with a story. Once upon a time, there was a newcomer director, who got a message one fine day that left him more surprised than happy .It was an invite to drop in at the archaic-yet-modern, popular-yet-aloof Dutt residence in Beniapukur to sample the authentic tastes of Burma.The director was himself musically inclined, but it was no fellow feeling that made Anjan Dutt invite him.In fact, the last line of the nimantran mentioned the price tag for the dinner.

That is Anjan Dutt for you, shunte ki chao -or not.Though our unnamed director stayed away from that dinner, several filmmakers have been to the Dutt residence where a Burmese dinner might come for a price, but Bangali rant is free.Curiously , the ones at the receiving end are mostly those who were once close to the man and have visited his home. Abir Chatterjee could tell you something about this!

Recently though, Dutt has been airing his opinions on films and their makers with the same chutzpah he shows on the guitar. He’s been busy on social media, especially Facebook, and directors are wondering whose turn it will be next once his kala chashma comes off. The latest to have invited Dutt’s wrath is Srijit Mukherji, whose Zulfiqar left a bad taste in the Dutt family’s mouth after that Burmese dinner.


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