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Mir had a tough time as Columbus

We have seen him on the pages of our his tory books. A black beret-like cap, curly greyish ear-length hair, and a black oversized robe thrown over his shoulders -the great explorer of all times -Christopher Columbus. But how would he look, if he decided to surface in 2016 Kolkata, from 1500’s Italy?

Director Saurav Palodhi’s film Colkatay Columbus, a time-traveller’s comedy , stars funnyman Mir in the eponymous role. Sam and Roy , two frustrated young men, disillusioned with the harsh realities of life, bump into Columbus, the hugely successful explorer from the 15th century .


Second Song From 'Colkatay Columbus'

For the two youngsters, who consider themselves losers, the success stories of Columbus makes him the ultimate mentor. Columbus starts coaching them, even as he himself discovers Kolkata in a new light. The explorer’s stories being central to the plot, it was necessary to come up with a convincing look for Mir.



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