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Mir all set to make Bollywood debut

Mir is going the ‘Bombay’ way. The anchor-actor is set to foray into Bollywood with DNA Mein Gandhiji, a film by Sandeep Nath, who is a well-known lyricist in Mumbai.

Talking about his big break, Mir said in his signature style, “In the ’80s, when a Bollywood actor used to be part of a Bengali film, the title card used to have his name and then ‘Bombay’ would be written in bracket. If Vijayta Pandit was part of a Bengali film, the title card would feature her name along with ‘Bombay’ in bracket. I was just fascinated by it. So, the only kick after signing my first Bollywood film is that now I am going to add ‘Bombay’ and that too in bracket on my visiting card.”


Mir all set to make Bollywood debut

In the film Mir will plays Prafulla Tarafdar, owner of an ad agency, who is suave and thinks Bengalis are the most evolved race in the world. “Prafulla is not the main character, but is important nonetheless. In Prafulla’s ad agency, the protagonists come to work and the story unfolds. Prafulla is the quintessential Bengali, who takes prides in Rabindranath Tagore and Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. But unlike the popular notion, Prafulla speaks chaste Hindi,” said Mir.



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