These Fishermen Prove We’ve Been Fishing Incorrectly All These Years

This is an old fashion fishing method. The fishman uses huge fire light to attract paticular fish called “Chin Lin”.

The trick to fire fishing is using sulfuric soil and light up a bamboo stick covered with sulfuric soil at one end to create a bright flame. The sulfur dissolves in the water and the gas produced then flashes with fire that sends the sardines jumping toward the fishermen’s nets without the use of bait or fishing poles.


Fishing with Fire

Unfortunately, sardine season only lasts three months, from May to July, On average, a fire fisherman can catch upwards of three or four tons of sardines per trip and YouTube user Kenny Chen shot this amazing video of fire fishermen practicing their trade in Jinshan. Enjoy!

Photos: NPC Fishery/Facebook

Sources: Reuters, The News Lens

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