Mind-Blowing Green Chicken Dish You Won’t Believe Aren’t Fried

As a newly wed bride, Roopa came up with her own recipe and called it Green Chicken. Full of the flavours and aromas of coriander and other greens, this green chicken recipe is sure to blow your mind. Watch this video to learn how to make green chicken at home!




For The Marinate:
600 gm Chicken
Turmeric Powder
1 Tbsp Ginger, Garlic, Chilli Paste

Chutney To Add To The Chicken:
1 cup Coriander
1/2 tsp Cardamom Powder
1 tbsp Poppy Seeds
2 Green Chillies
8-10 Cashews
Whole Masala (1/2 Inch Cinnamon, 4 cloves, 8-10 pepper cons)

For The Prep:
2 tbsp Oil
2 Onions
1 tbsp Cumin Seeds
Chutney (Prepared earlier)
Marinated Chicken
1/2 cup Coconut (optional)


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