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Meet the tech millionaire who sold everything to travel the world with his wife and two young child

Meet the 25-year-old tech millionaire who sold everything to travel the world with his wife and two young children… jealous yet?

Millionaire Garrett Gee, 25, his wife, Jessica, 29, and their two children, Dorothy, three, and Manilla, one, have been travelling the world for nine months.


The picture perfect Utah family have ticked much of the Pacific Ocean off their bucket list and completed a number of jaw-dropping activities along the way, such as swimming with sperm whales and watching leatherback turtles lay eggs.


The Gee family then set off last year for a six-month vacation across the globe. Garrett Gee from Utah, made a fortune when he sold his mobile-scanning app to Snapchat last year for $54 million (Rs. 3,63,09,84,300 approx). He didn’t stop at that. They then went on to sell their worldly possessions including a $48,000 Land Rover (another Rs 32,27,520 approx).


‘The Bucket List Family’ as they are known on Instagram and YouTube, where they have 93,000 followers, have included Tonga, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and many more. Originally they set off for five months, but nine months later they have no plans of returning.



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