Meet The Flipkart Employee Who Won Rs 1.3 Crore For Reporting A Facebook Bug

Anand Prakash, a product security engineer at Flipkart, wrote in a blog post on February 22 that he had found a simple vulnerability on Facebook that could have been used to hack into any user’s account to get access to credit or debit card details, personal pictures, and messages without any user interaction. The 22-year-old earned around Rs 1.3 crore just by reporting bugs for Facebook, Twitter and a host of other US-based companies. For his recent contribution, he was awarded close to Rs 10 lakh.

In an email interview with Rohan Laik of the EconomicTimes.com, Anand Prakash talks about his passion, obsession and digital expertise at 22. He also spells out his lofty ambitions that include starting work on his own to secure Indian companies.

Anand Prakash

Image Credit: Lemon Studio

Congratulations. Are you a seasoned bounty hunter? How did you start doing this type of error-killing?



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