Ten Years Ago, This Little Boy Lost Everything From A Tsunami. Look At Him Now!

A story about Martunis, a boy who survived from tsunami. On December 26, 2004, a massive earthquake rocked the Indian Ocean. The tsunami struck his hometown of Banda Aceh, Indonesia. His mother and two siblings died were amongst over 230,000 killed that day… But the seven-year-old boy survived alone on a beach for 21 days.



Martunis Aceh was stranded on a beach for 21 days, and only survived by holding onto a sofa. When he was found, the little boy was wearing a Portuguese football team shirt with Rui Costa’s name on the back. When asked how he’d survived all that time on his own, the boy said that his dream was to become a soccer player — it motivated him to keep fighting.

Martunis tells the disaster that changed his life one decade ago . At that time, he and his mother and his sister was in the car to escape from the tsunami disaster . But his efforts in vain . Without forgiveness , a huge wave of water rolling up their cars .

When the water sweep, Martunis and mom and sister separated. Martunis managed to survive the fierce waves of the Tsunami which took him into the sea. He also floated for 21 days.



When images of him wearing the Portuguese shirt surfaced, they generated massive sympathy for him, being splashed all across international publications. This attracted the attention of the FPF, and Cristiano Ronaldo. With the donation of €40,000 from the FPF, his home was rebuilt thanks to Ronaldo’s fundraising efforts, who he got to meet three years later.



Martunis which is now 18 years old is a big fan of Portugal. Martunis who was then 8 years old did not expect,  he met with the Portugal national team players, including Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo. “I am very happy when holding this dress. For me, this brings unforgettable memories. I am proud of this jersey,” he said.



Besides being invited to Portugal, in 2006 and the singer Madonna also invited Martunis and his father to London, where Madonna stayed with his family. They were both invited to tour the famous tourist spots, as well as other cities in the UK. via Wikipedia.



What’s more, In 2008 , he attended first grade SMPN 8 Banda Aceh . He currently plays in Portugal after being recruited Portuguese club and just last year, the Portuguese national team signed Martunis on as a player for their under-19 league.

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