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This Drunk Man Jumps Into Lion Enclosure In Hyderabad Zoo To “Shake Hand With Lions”

Hyderabad: A 35-year-old “drunken” man jumped into a lion enclosure at Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad on Sunday, escaped unhurt with the help of zoo workers, reportedly “to shake hand with a lion” but was rescued unhurt by the alert animal keeper, reports indianexpress.

Mukesh, a native of Sikar district in Rajasthan, crossed the barricade of the African lion enclosure despite warnings by the security staff, Nehru Zoological Park Curator Shivani Dogra said.

Mukesh from Rajasthan and came to Hyderabad a month ago. After being rescued, Mukesh said “I drank inside the zoo. I took it to which place I don’t remember,” he said. When asked why he attempted suicide and the problem he was facing, Mukesh said, “I have no problem.” Watch video:

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