Man Finds Alien Artifac

In 1985, White and a friend of his were driving from Denver to Las Vegas. They were the only ones on the road as they neared the Utah-Colorado border.

At about 2 or 3 AM, his friend noticed a peculiar light up in the distance, so he decided to inform White about it who was asleep in the car at that time. However, the man went back to

5_1457074470sleep as he didn’t consider much of the light up ahead.

That’s when they pulled the car over and stared in awe as the object silently floated up and joined with a pair of tubular lights. White suspects that this was a mothership of some kind. Once the UFO was docked with the bigger ship, it zoomed off into the distance until it was out of sight.

That’s when White and his friend noticed some debris falling to the ground.

The object has a rigid, metallic surface and it measures seven and a half inches. It has a teardrop shape and it weighs less than 2 pound while it’s composed primarily of aluminum.

After witnessing this event, Bob White turned from a skeptic to a firm believer of the UFO phenomenon. He has been trying ever since to prove the extraterrestrial origins of this mysterious object, but without success. He sent a sample to the New Mexico Institute for Discovery Science, but after a few tests have been conducted, the report gave no clue that it could be of ET origin.

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