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Mainak And Rimjhim To Play The Leads In ‘Terrorist’

The shooting of the upcoming Bengali film Terrorist is currently in progress. Terrorist is a film which shows how The shooting of the upcoming Bengali film ‘Terrorist’ is currently going on. Directed by Sumit Das, is a film which shows how terrorism is used as a tool. Terrorist is a story of a relationship a man named Rudra, who is a terrorist and befriends a woman to accomplish his mission. However, he falls in love with her.

This woman has a daughter. Mainak and Rimjhim play the leads. Rudra loves this child like his own daughter and things start to change, also features Parthasarathi Deb, Anindyapulak Banerjee, and Krishna Kishore Mukherjee in pivotal roles.

The editor of the film is Gourab Dutta and the writer is Sukriti Saha. The styling of the film has been done by Monalisa Datta, shootings is currently in progress in different parts of the city.


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