This Tiny Device Is About To ”Totally Change” The Way You Travel!

Don’t panic! Meet the Pilot. It’s a tiny $130 Babel Fish-like gadget fits inside your ear to translate foreign languages English, Spanish, French, and Italian in real time. The ‘Pilot’ is claimed to be able to translate speech like the Babel Fish.


Language translator Pilot fits inside your ear to translate in real time

Developers from Waverly Labs hope to bridge cultural gaps by providing people with a program that’s easy to use while still being culturally respectful. They want to help us live life without borders.


The Pilot instantly translates conversations so that people who speak two different languages can talk without the clumsiness that typically comes along with such encounters. Best of all, the device and associated app work offline, so you won’t rack up roaming charges while using it abroad. Many compare the program to the Babel Fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


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