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Love and sexuality tensions cast a trailer, “kuheli”

There is a sweet love story ‘kuheli’ coming to the big-screen director Debarati Dasgupta. The film trailer released recently. In all the mysteries of love and death in a plot. A newly married couple from abroad come to Calcutta, their accommodation in one of the two police officers tyaro card reader in the story of the film progressed. And this is the story of five matches to go somewhere and eat together.

The film directed by Debarati Gupta, was launched in the presence of director Sujoy Ghosh, Indrasish, Pujarini Ghosh, Kaushik Sen,Chandreyee Ghosh and others. Tolly-indoor News, “kulehi on pujarinike can be seen in several places to make bold scenes. The director said, “Pujarini Ghosh bold and challenging character.



During the auditions, and was able to fit with the character. ” He said that his film character, or look for the perfect Indrasish. Meanwhile, police officer character santilala Mukherjee, Banerjee and the special character yechena Barun Chanda. Dutt’s debut film is being produced.

The film Produced by AVMA MEDIA LLP, the movie stars Indrasish Roy, Pujarini Ghosh, Barun Chanda, Anindya Puluk, Chandrayee Ghosh, and Koushik Sen in pivotal roles. If you are a fan of Debarati Gupta’s thrillers, make sure you watch the trailer of this film which is now live on Filmywar.

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