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A 14-Year-Old Kerala Boy Swims To School Every Day So That His Village Can Get A Bridge

A 14 year old boy swims 3 kms to school everyday to protest. He is demanding a bridge from his village to the school. This is happening in Perambalam, a village in Alappuzha.

Arjun Santhosh is a diligent student,  swims to his school, every day for his villagers. While many wait to ferry a boat, Arjun covers 3 km to reach his school in Poothotta.  A protest demanding a bridge for his village Perumbalam, an island in Kerala’s Alappuzha district, reports indiatoday.

The 14-year-old’s unique way of travelling is to help his villagers get a bridge, for which a protest has already been underway for a long time. He want is a 700-metre bridge to allow people to cross the river to reach the mainland, because the boats can’t accommodate everyone.

“Usually boats are late and I get punished at school for being late. Some boats are very small. And there are too many people. It is a cause of worry,” said the ninth-grade student Arjun, reports Indian Express.

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