This Is How Brave Kashmiris And Indian Army Chased Away Pakistan In 1965 To Keep Kashmir A Part Of India!

Kashmir may be burning in the agony of discontent as the sentiment of occupation by India is touching crescendo once again post the Hijbul commander Burhan Wani’s encounter last week.

But there was time when people of Kashmir did support Indian Army and played a Key role in failure of Pakistan army’s infamous ‘Operation Gibraltar’  which led to full-fledged war between the two countries in 1965.

Operation Gibraltar


‘Jeeve Jeeve Pakistan’- has been a slogan of Kashmiris for quite a while now but in 1965, the people of Kashmir refused to support Pakistan military and instead provided information to Indian Army about plans of Pakistanis which led to the defeat of Pakistan forces.

What was ‘Operation Gibraltar’?

Operation Gibraltar was the code-name given to the operation, Pakistan armed forces especially army launched to infiltrate Jammu and Kashmir in August 1965 in the garb of locals and start a rebellion against Indian rule.



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