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Jeet Ganguli wants new music directors to come forth

Jeet Ganguli is the substance of revival of film music in Tollywood. He has given consistent hits subsequent to the beginning of the century which made film music famous to the masses at the end of the day. This talented music director has gotten to be occupied with a few prominent ventures in Mumbai. Still he figures out how to give resonant music in up and coming movies like Love Express.


Jeet Ganguli

In his nonappearance youthful music directors like Arindam in Sudhu Tomari Jonno and Suddha Roy in Badsha The Don has done excellent employment. Jeet is extolling the achievement of these youthful firearms and wishes to empower all the more such abilities in Tollywood as he conceives that it is not possible for one person to take the burden of responsibility of an entire film industry.

Be that as it may, he has a word for alert also for these growing music directors. He says don’t repea the tunes and adapting melodies can’t take you further in career. We trust that performers like Jeet and new comers will take Bengali film music to higher levels in future.