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“It’s The Bravest Film In The Longest Time” Swastika On ‘Saheb Bibi Golaam’

The new thriller Shaheb Bibi Golaam has hit the city theatres, It’s heartening to see audiences rooting for all the characters right through the film. I was not sure how the majority of the viewers would react to the climax, but they have been clapping away at every show,” says director Pratim D. Gupta, where Swastika transforms from a repressed housewife to a sexually liberated seductress.


Saheb Bibi Golaam

Besides the theatres, has been trending on social networks. Even Amitabh Bachchan tweeted about the movie on the day of its release – “Had seen the trailer and (was) so impressed coming from Bengali cinema.”


amitabh bachchan

“In the middle of the same kind of thrillers, it’s clearly a clutter breaker with a brand new style of storytelling and ch a r a c t e r i s a tions. Rather than branding it as bold, I think it’s the bravest film in the longest time. We are all so happy that the audiences have welcomed it with open arms.“ and Ritwick Chakraborty starrer is to release nationally on September 2.


Sources: timesofindia