21 Unlucky Inventors Who Were Ironically Killed By Their Own Inventions

Know that feel when your own child kills you? Shit, that’s probably not the best line to open with, but it’s too late – the deed is done. And, of course you don’t know that feel – how could you? Unless you’re actually a dead person reading this. *shudders*

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is, human history is filled with people whose deaths were caused by the things they created. Lo and behold, we’ve even compiled a list for you.

1. Marie Curie – Died of aplastic anemia as a result of prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation

Marie Curie, who’s known as the co-discovering radium and polonium, also invented the process to isolate radium. She died of prolonged exposure to radiation emitted from her research materials.


2. Karel Soucek – Died from a stunt he had invented

After his successful stunt of being dropped from Niagara Falls in a barrel he designed himself, Karel Soucek decided to do it again from the Houston Astrodome and drop into a tank of water. However, his stunt did not go as planned and the barrel hit the rim of the tank. Soucek died in the hospital a couple hours later.




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