Indonesian Villagers Mistook A Sex Doll For ‘Fallen Angel From Heaven’

KALUPAPI, INDONESIA — While blow-up sex dolls are technically angelic (they do take their men to heaven), one remote Indonesian fishing village took it quite literally, mistaking a doll for an actual angel from heaven.

Rappler reports that a 21-year-old fisherman from Banggai Laut regency in Central Sulawesi found the doll floating in the sea three days after a rare solar eclipse.

He took it home, where it was given clothes and a headscarf. Its clothes were changed each day for the next few days, and the family treated it like a real human being.

Indonesian villagers thought they had been blessed by an angel fallen from heaven when a beautiful doll washed up on a beach, ‘fallen angel’ was found by a villager Pardin, who was fishing off the remote Banggai islands of Sulawesi in central Indonesia  — only to discover it was an inflatable sex toy.



Soon, the whole village was convinced that the doll was a blessing from the heavens, and the discovery spread on social media.

Local police got wind of the incident and decided to investigate. After examining the “angel,” they revealed the truth to the villagers: The angel with the white skin and big round eyes was in fact an inflatable sex doll.

The doll was confiscated for safekeeping by the police, who said it might cause controversy and unrest in the village, according to Coconuts Jakarta.

Indonesian villagers thought they had been blessed when a beautiful doll turned up on a beach, believing it to be an angel fallen from heaven, only to discover it was an inflatable sex toy.


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