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If Everybody Likes You, It Means You Are Boring, Says Alia Bhatt

She reminds me of a Betty-meets-Veronica kinda gal. An amazing mix of sugar, spice and all that’s bright. She preens, she pouts, she sulks like any other 20-something. And yet, she carries off her stardom like blush on her cheeks, and with the grace of a lovely lady.

Her onscreen roles show maturity way ahead of her years, and in the upcoming ‘Udta Punjab’, her stark, de-glam avatar sets the stage for another shocker of a performance. She treats failures as heartbreaks and is unfazed while talking about her jealous streak.

That’s Alia for you. Well, she’s not the Candy Crush of a zillion boys for nothing. Read on…Alia’s tales and trepidations — in her own words.


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