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‘I have put my heart n soul in byomkesh pawrbo’ says Byomkesh aka Abir Chatterjee

Sitting in the makeup room of a city studio, thick black specs and a composed demeanour in place, Abir Chatterjee can almost pass off as Byomkesh on an idle day. The radio plays the Feluda theme in the background and a brief glimpse of quiet pride in his eyes is followed quickly by a self-depre cating smile. Clearly, there are two sides to him. The one who’s obsessed with himself and the one who’s politically correct all the time. Post an exclusive photo shoot with us, he lets us in on both. Excerpts:

You convincingly slip into a dhoti when playing Byomkesh on screen. In real life, can you drape a dhoti?

To be honest, I cannot drape a dhoti on my own. It’s quite a challenge and I always need help with it. But once I’m wearing one, I’m comfortable in it.My dhoti has never fallen off on sets. I can hop, skip and jump in one.


Abir Chatterjee

How was the experience of working in Byomkesh Pawrbo?

After the stupendous success of Har Har Byomkesh, the idea was to make Byomkesh Pawrbo even better. It’s a more intense, pacy and edgy thriller. It was a tiring schedule -31 locations, 24 days of outdoor followed by six days in Kolkata. People have shown their love for HHB, now it’s time for them to show the same love for Byomkesh Pawrbo. There’s always a risk of becoming self-complacent in the second film of a franchise, but that’s a myth. I’ve put my heart and soul into this film.



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