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I have deleted the chapter called Raj from my life: Paayel Sarkar

You had apparently signed Arindam Sil’s Eagoler Chokh without even reading the script…
I had worked with Arindamda earlier and have complete faith in him as a director and more importantly, as a person. I know if he offers me a role, it will be beneficial for both me and the film. Like an actor has to prove her mettle to a director, the latter has to do the same to his actors.

In our case, we both have done that, so I didn’t bother to hear the script. Shabar Dasgupta, as a sleuth, is not as famous as Feluda or Byomkesh, yet Arindamda has managed to establish Brand Shabar. Being a police officer working in the detective department, Shabar is not larger than life, but there’s a lot of curiosity around him. The credit for that goes to Arindamda.

Apart from Saswata (Chatterjee) and Subhrajit (Dutta), the director repeated June and you in the second instalment of Shabar. How different is Eagoler Chokh from the first edition?
You should ask Arindamda why he repeated me. As an actress, I try to deliver what my director wants from me. I guess Arindamda is happy with my work. Eagoler Chokh is edgier than the first film, where there was a romantic angle. This film deals with complicated relationships.


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