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I had to walk a kilometer to get to a washroom: Nusrat

In Zulfiqar, director Srijit Mukherji promises to take you into a Kolkata you’ve never seen before. Dilapidated buildings, slums, the dockyards -the film shows you parts of the city that you may have never seen before, at least in Bengali films.

Nusrat Jahan, who plays Rani Talapat ra, Srijit’s take on Cleopatra, too had a tough time shooting in these `real’ locations. “It was different and challenging. We shot in these moor-like areas, in dilapidated buildings. There was this theatre too, an old one, in a shambles, which we used for a scene. In fact, it was such a desolate area that I had to walk around a kilometer to get to a washroom,” said Nusrat.





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