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I Deserved More Says Arjun Chakraborty

He returned, after a long break, Arjun Chakraborty returned again on the big screen with ‘Manab Premi Mahapurush’ where he plays the founder of Bharat Sebashram Sangha.  But he is so long? Last film ‘যোগাযোগ’. And I almost cut off contact with Tollywood!

In an interview to a Bengali daily, the actor who is also known for his singing talent gets candid about his acting career and more. ‘‘ওই সিনেমাটার পর একটা মেগা সিরিয়ালে কাজ করেছিলাম। গান, কবিতা নিয়ে ব্যস্ত ছিলাম। ‘অর্জুনের অ-কবিতা’ বলে একটা বই বেরোল। এই সিনেমাটাতেও আমার লিপে আমার গান আছে। চারটে অ্যালবাম করলাম। তার মধ্যে দুটো স্বাগতালক্ষ্মী দাশগুপ্তের সঙ্গে,’’ বলছিলেন অর্জুন চক্রবর্তী”  The actor also confesses his wish to be discovered like Saswata Chatterjee in a candid chat.

Arjun Chakraborty

Think that we can at any time to fire phoenix bird. Saswata Chatterjee as eternal. But before and it was good actor. There are still. ‘Kahani’ after they recognized him and new. I want to let people discover new me. I Am Very hopaphula. Because I know. And I have kanabhikasana trimendasa levels, ” he once looked at the outside …


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