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How to increase Your Google AdSense Earning

For a little over a month now, I’ve been looking at my AdSense earnings in Google Analytics to better understand my earnings, and I’ve stumbled across some rather interesting results. Without even realising it, I’ve come up with even more ways to increase my AdSense earnings each month. They range from simple ad placement, to writing specific posts, and appealing to a certain referrer. Here’s how you can increase YOUR earnings.



How to Use Channels to Increase Adsense Revenue

Setting Up

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up your AdSense so that you can study it in more detail, in Analytics. To do this, when you’re viewing your report overview, just click the link to integrate Adsense with your Analytics account. It’s just one click and then a small amount of information on your Analytics account. You have to be an admin on your Analytics account, otherwise it won’t let you make the changes necessary, but if you’re the only person running the website, this shouldn’t be a problem. NOTE: Because you’re adding new information, GA will not transfer over details from the past, you will only see new results from when your join the two together.

Now that you’re set up, it’s best to have a run down of what all the terms mean, so that you can understand your results better.

AdSense Revenue is the amount of money you’ve made in your selected time period (2 weeks for me).

/ 1000 visits, is how much money you’ve made for every 1000 visits to your site.

Ads clicked, is the amount of ads clicked by viewers.

Ads clicked / visit, is the total number of visits, divided by the number of ads clicked.