How to Improve Your Adsense Revenue (RPM)

In this series I want to share with you both what I learned at the event and what I have discovered about Adsense along the way.

I am assuming at this point that you already have Adsense running on your blog. If you are still contemplating whether or not to have Adsense on your site, read Should I Run Adsense on My Blog?

If you are not sure how Adsense works, see our definitive guide:

Today I want to talk about improving your RPM. The term RPM may be foreign to you so let me try and define it in non-techie terms. RPM is an acronym for Revenue Per Mille. It is just a measurement of fictitious income per 1,000 page impressions on your site. You can find the number related to your site inside your Adsense account.



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