How This Mom Got Her Kids To Eat Lunch Is Beautifully Delicious

Would YOU take the time? Mother-of-six spends hours transforming her children’s meals into impressive tiny artworks…  Sarah Gonzalez, also known as Lunarbell Lunch on Instagram, is a mother of six that found a unique way to get her kids to eat lunch because her daughter is a fussy eater. Sarah Gonzalez creates incredibly detailed meals for her children.






Cute Reindeer sandwich today! I also included some broccoli, grapes, apple, crackers, cheese and Christmas sprinkles!

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I started a new job and have orientation all week. So since I really won’t have time for any new lunches in the next few days, I will repost some of my favorites! Here’s a cute spring lunch. The bird’s nest is made with wheat bread and an edible “grass” I found in the candy section during Easter time. The baby birds are tiny sandwiches with cheddar and mozzarella cheese details on top. The tree is made with wheat bread, salad leaves and grapes. The plants on the bottom are made with salad leaves, broccoli, purple cauliflower and chopped carrots. I added some ranch with chopped purple cauliflower on top for some added color. I also included a few crackers and a cute little chocolate ladybug ! ❤️🐞

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