This is What Radiation Does To Your Body…WARNING

The science behind: What is radiation and What happens after you get exposed to the deadliest doses of it?

Back in 1999 Hirochi Ouchi was exposed to the deadliest form of radiation- what happens next you’ll never guess. “A Slow Death – 83 Days of Radiation Sickness” by NHK-TV “Tokaimura Criticality Accident” Crew (2008), published by Vertical.


This is What Radiation Does To Your Body...WARNING

Hiroshi Ouchi, who was just 35 years old,  his body draped over the tank while Shinohara stood on a platform to pour the solution into it; Yokokawa was sitting at a desk four meters away. Technicians Ouchi and Shinohara immediately experienced pain, nausea, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms.


 Slow Death: 83 Days of Radiation Sickness

Here is a photograph of the poor individual. There is no skin on him at all. This is what happens when you mess with radiation.

Ouchi then began to vomit in the decontamination room a few minutes later and lies unconscious in a University of Tokyo Hospital intensive-care unit. He has losing up to 20 liters of body fluids per day, the skin on half of his body is blackened, blistered, and falling off, his internal organs have failed, he is being kept alive by machines.

Hiroshi Ouchi was exposed to 2x the amount of radiation to kill someone. His chromosomes were destroyed and skin would fall off. Lived for 3 months

At first, doctors in the intensive care unit noted that Ouchi looked and acted relatively well for an individual exposed to such high levels of radiation. Over time, however, his body gradually deteriorated due to the radioactivity breaking down the chromosomes in his cells.

The doctors managed to keep him alive for 83 days; his body was in a continuous vegetative state until his death due to the effects of the radiation on his body, reports bilateralpleurodesis.

A documentary on his death titled “A Slow Death: 83 Days of Radiation Sickness” highlights the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

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