Man Filmed A Tornado… When It Destroys His Home

Geri Shultz and Clem had been married 25 years.  Geri and her neighbor Jacqueline Klosa were close friends and would go on weekly shopping trips.  Klosa too had died in the tornado.  When asked if he thought his wife was in heaven, Clem agreed that yes, she likely was because there was no way the devil could put up with both his wife and her friend Jacqueline at the same time.

Clem has since moved to another house.  He stays with his dog Missy, who survived the tornado and his wife was found 30 miles away after the storm that ended up being returned to him.  And that was the day he lost everything. Schultz sustained serious back injuries, there was nothing left of his home, and the love of his life didn’t survive. As for the video, he’s glad he recorded it. “I’m proud of it,” he explained to The Daily Herald. “My video is saving lives.”

Clem Schultz Fairdale Tornado Video from Walker Ashley ~ Storm Forensics on Vimeo.


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