You Need These Hash Brown Nachos In Your Life As Soon As Humanly Possible

These deluxe nachos are probably the best I’ve tasted.. and I’ve had MANY. Instead of chips.. I use HASH BROWNS! Pretty extreme right? They’re also made….. ON THE STOVE TOP!

Heres how to make them: In a pan heat up some butter. Add in some frozen has browns.. the amount is up to you.. depends on how much you want to eat.

Brown them up real nice. That’s when you start adding toppings. I used green onions, garlic, bacon, beef, salt, pepper and CHEESE of course. Stir all that together until the cheese has melted and it’s super cheesy. Mmmmmmm.  Compliment with some salsa and sour cream!

Source: How to make hash brown nachos by HungryElephant on Rumble


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