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This ‘Golden Baba’ Who Wears 11.5kg Gold Worth Rs 3 Crore Is Now Demanding Protection From UP Police

Agra, May 29 (ANI): Have you seen a gold dressed ascetic? Yes? Meet Golden Baba, the infamously famous austere head of Juna Akhara.  ‘Golden Baba’ who has recently sought security from Agra Superintendent of Police (SSP) has been traveling from Ujjain Mahakumbh to Haridwar.  that’s why he ornaments himself with gold chains and jewellery worth Rs 3 crore, reported Deccan Chronicle.

Baba is traveling with all his followers to Bareilly through Agra with golden gears asked Agra’s SSP Dr Preetinder Singh to provide him security as he was wearing around 11.5 kg of gold and also had metal idols in his car.


Haridwar's 'golden baba' wears jewellery worth Rs 3 crore, seeks security

He is also carrying golden statues of gods as well as other ornaments. Golden Baba said that he has been wearing gold since 1972 and these ornaments give him satisfaction to worship god. Meanwhile police officers said that Golden Baba will be provided with protection under the Agra region.

“I provided him security till Agra border and told him that if he wanted security for other districts in Uttar Pradesh, he would have to request higher authorities,” Singh told Hindustan Times.


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