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Guitar & keyboard lost in transit, shadow over Anupam’s show

When Anupam Roy checked in with his luggage at the US from Los Angeles airport on October 16, they will get their luggage directly at Kolkata. Little did they know that he would reach home without the instruments that have made him Anupam Roy . Three days have passed, but the composer is yet to trace the bass guitar and keyboard used at concerts by The Anupam Roy Band.


Guitar & keyboard lost in transit, shadow over Anupam's show

The instruments were misplaced when Anupam was coming home after a month-long US tour. “I was told at the LA airport that I would get my luggage directly in Kolkata.This is when we were about to board a United Airlines flight to San Francisco. From San Francisco, we came to Delhi in an Air India flight and then to Kolkata in another flight by the same airline”

Sources: timesofindia


Guitar & keyboard lost

“When we landed in Kolkata at 11.30 pm on October 17, we couldn’t locate the luggage,” explained the noted singer, composer, and songwriter, is best known for his song Amake Amar Moto Thakte Dao. The team will attend a concert on October 23. “If the luggage isn’t traced in a day or two, we’ll have to borrow instruments for the show,” said For hours, we did the paperwork to file a complaint and were given a customer care number,“ recalled Anupam.



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